Camel Owner - Feeling Irresponsible!

Camel Owner - Feeling Irresponsible!

As camel people, and ultimately camel educators, we’re feeling a bit irresponsible, in this podcast we upload it all, hopefully, to inspire YOU to not do the same.


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You probably don’t know this, because we’ve never shared this publicly, but we had the video files to our Camel Training Course filed away on a hard-drive for over 12 months - we kept it from you!

If we had stopped procrastinating sooner (and got our priorities straight) and finally released it out into the world (onto the World Wide Web)….

This would have meant that anyone, anywhere could learn how to train camels using the Camel Connection Trust Based Camel Training® approach.

So yeah, feeling a bit irresponsible about that.

“Why?” you might ask…

Well, Because we knew something important about camels and we didn’t share it sooner.

We knew a *new* approach to handle & train camels, compared to the more older, “traditional” ways.

We withheld this information due to our own self doubt (which I’ll get into soon). Self doubt often equal sabotage (very true for camel training & handling too, we’ve seen it time & time again).

You see, as camel owners we care deeply about, not only our camels, but ALL camels, yes #camelobessed

And since camels are our life’s work, not really by choice per se, but more a “this is something we gotta do” (happens to be that we like what we teach/do), we’re are sorry that we were such…Procrastinators that we didn’t share what we knew about camels sooner.

As I said previously, self-doubt often equals self-sabotage.

You know those thoughts that try to convince us of something we just know we need to do?

Our thoughts on releasing an online Camel Training Course went something like this…

No-one will want to buy our Camel Training course online, there’s just not enough people interested in camels.


Over 200 Camel Connection students, we are welcoming new students: Every. Single. month!

And this one (which is hilarious)…

Doubt the people other than Australian’s will want our online camel course, because no one understands our Aussie accents… (in other words We thought we talk ‘funny’ compared to the rest of the world).

Turns out, we have more international students in Virtual Camel School than Aussies…

Bloody Ripper! #AussieSlangWinsTheDay

So why are we telling you all this?

Because this might be the message you need to hear to stop your protracting on finally start learning or expanding on your camel skills.

In the essence of Nike “Just Do it [already]!”

The thing is Putting off learning new camel skills can mean…

Putting off your camel ideas/dreams/goals (who wants the #LongHardRaod ? )

Putting off what you’ve been wanting for so long now waiting for the “right moment,” waiting for a sign to pursue your camel idea ( consider this your sign ).

Maybe you’re addicted to the hard?

Learning things the hard way, all by yourself - I personally can relate soooo much to this! I used to think that if I don’t figure this out on my own, then it wasn’t worth doing/learning in the first place, talk about self-sabotage!

In the spirit of the New Year 2021, we want you to know that you CAN (and should continually) improve your camel skills!

First and foremost learning the basics of how to train & handle them, is essential because without a trained camel you have a very…” Difficult” situation on your hands and you’re asking for trouble ( #DangerAlert ).

And if you’re saying “yeah but Tara, my camel is trained and we’ve done all the basic training, we’re good thanks” well let me just say this, one of the most FUNDAMENTAL things about handling camels is, that if trained with the right methods in the first place, you’ll constantly need to revisit your basic foundational lessons.

Expecting your camel to be trained once and that’s it, is asking for trouble, this is why we always recommend that the owner, handler, or main carer of the camel be the one doing the training in the first place, but that’s a topic for another day.

So back to learning the basics of how to train & handle them, is essential…

Without a trained camel you have a very…” Difficult” situation on your hands and you’re asking for trouble #DangerAlert

Think Vet Visits (totally going to happen, guaranteed!).

Having safe camels for friends and family to interact with (once people find out you have camels…They’ll want to come to see!).

Trust Issues: Camels have built-in Trust issues and if you think your camel doesn’t, then you haven’t tested the boundaries all that much (again, another topic for another day).

You gotta build long-lasting trust with your camel(s) and CONTINUE to build trust (it’s not a destination people, it’s a journey).

A trusting camel is a SAFE camel! Period.

Whether you're a camel owner, carer or want-to-be owner you gotta have camel skills - you cannot rely on trainers, although helpful, if you’re around your camel the most, the camel will be looking toward YOU for a relationship not a trainer that visits every once in a while.

This is your year!

Start saying “yes” to your camel ideas & dreams.

We can tell you now that with every crazy goal, dream, and idea we’ve had, there was NEVER a ‘perfect time’ to get started.


Start saying “yes” to your camel ideas & dreams!


Start somewhere & start now.


Like camel training itself, baby steps will get you the end results.


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Humppy 2021 and we hope this year is full of STACKS of Camel Connecting for you, whether your a camel owner, want-to-be-owner or have that curiosity vibe going on, we’re here to help!





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