Hi! I’m Tara, 

Camel behaviourist, wellness & Energy expert here at Camel Channel. 


I’m here to act as your camel guide!

help people get a deep understanding of camel behaviour, energy & wellness and create the space for a deeper understanding of Self in order to support peaceful connections with these amazing animals so you can achieve your wildest camel dreams & goals! 


Camel Channel unites camel owners, want-to-be owners, carers & lovers and helps them become Camel Confident & Camel Connected in all aspects of camels.


I teach people how to communicate with and care for camels through our Academy online & in-person events where connection and a deep love for camels are at the core of everything I teach.


Along my camel journey, I’ve learnt many things, often the hard way, which has made me determined to share all the camel information that I know with you through The Academy online & in-person events. 


My blog, YouTube videos, podcast and books are designed especially for the camel owner, want-to-be-owner, lover and or carer. 


If you've been looking for someone to mentor you in all things camels, you found them!


I’m based in Queensland Australia, a stunning part of the world where my kids & Kelpie (dog) are never too far away from an adventure! 


I specialise in helping camel owners or wannabe owners get confident and connection with camels by learning how to handle, train, bond, communicate with and care for camels. Whether you want to start a camel business or do your own camel expedition or trek or simply achieve your dream of having a pet camel - I can help you!


I've had people from all over the world and all walks of life learn about camels with us: from Medical Doctors & Business Executives to Zoo Keepers & Hobby Farmers (and everything in between)...


Whatever your camel goal or idea or dream is I can help you, just like I've helped hundreds of others! 


Everything we teach about camels comes from a place of connection, compassion & a deep understanding of camel psychology as well as camel biology, science & medicine thanks to our dedicated Camel Connection, Camel Vet)!


Being with camels is one of the biggest pleasures in life and I'd love for you to experience this too!




Do you need support, advice and training in your new camel venture?


Do you need someone to look towards for consistent camel advice and How-Tos?


Do you need to learn how to care for camels?


Do you want to learn how to communicate with camels?


Do you want to get closer to your camel idea/goal/dream?


I can help!




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Tara Lea | Individual Bio 


Give Tara a stage, microphone, video camera or soapbox and she’ll talk of some of the worlds most un-talked about subjects such as child sex slavery, baby loss, doing what you LOVE not what you SHOULD be doing... and....CAMELS!


Tara is the owner, Head Camel Educator & Behaviourist at Camel Channel. Tara specialises in sharing camel wellbeing information, mentoring camel owners, teaching camel husbandry in The Academy and conducting charity campaigns using camels.


A passionate and determined Camel Lady (cameleer), philanthropist, mum to fur babies & humans and a biz owner who loves to bring people’s awareness to the camel’s magnificence and their ability to help people heal from trauma while having contact with them.


Life Coach turned camel communicator and biz owner, it's really her 4 children (one Angel child), her dogs and herd of camels that create a deep surge of inspiration, creativity and growth that fuel her contribution to Camel Channel, and all Charity Camel Trek endeavours.


She stands for compassion towards humans and camels [animals!], people doing what they LOVE not what they SHOULD be doing, crunchy kale chips and quality family time.


The camels are really the stars of the show, they are Tara’s humble and honest friends that will always walk by her side - she’s not a big fan of riding!


Tara met her first few camels in 2012, originally coming from the horse industry as a Natural Horsemanship trainer, camels were never in her life plan - EVER! 


As a keen animal lover she immersed herself into learning about how a camel thinks (completely different to a horse, in case you're wondering) camel handling, training and how to bond and communicate with them and care for their wellbeing. Tara is an 'obsessive learner' meaning: in a short period of time (maybe one week or so) she gave up all her horses and turned camels into her life purpose. 


Tara is the founder of Charity Camel Trek. To date (2014 & 2016), the Charity Camel Treks have raised over $22,000 for non-for-profit organisations close to heart.


Her 'day Job' consists of mothering - human and furry ones (first and foremost), teaching others how to connect & care for camels in The Academy, training and exercising her dogs, podcasting or filming (camels of course) and throwing out To-Do Lists because it's all too overwhelming!


More about Charity Camel Trek:  www.CharityCamelTrek.com


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