with Tara Lea, Camel Behaviourist 


Learn Camel Connection Training In-Person!
You’ve landed here because you’ve imagined yourself being able to work with camels, or maybe you already do, but you’re looking for “more?”
Maybe you’ve tried some other training methods and it’s just not giving you the results you want or….
Other training methods you’ve come by just aren’t sitting right with you (and your camels).
We can take you from where you’re at right now, whether that be No or Some Camel Experience to being Camel Confident and understanding their way of thinking so that YOU can finally start, advance on or complete your Camel Journey (whatever that looks like for you) with 100% success rate!




  • CAMEL SKILLS: Most comprehensive (but uncomplicated) Camel Course available
  • CAMEL CONFIDENCE: So you can achieve all your camel goals & ideas (for real and in a short amount of time)
  • CAMEL KNOWLEDGE: Get inside a camel's brain & get your camel(s) doing things on command
  • BUILD TRUST & STRONG BOND: Achieve all your camel training goals: ridding, trekking, packing, pet - you name it!




IMAGINE where you (and or your future camels) could be with 3 days of hands-on Camel Training Lessons & Experience!?

Get direct coaching & support from Camel Behaviourist in camel training, handling & psychology!



  • On-site mentoring where I provide camels for you to work with: You don't need a camel to take part in this in-person camel training, but if you already have you're own camels consider in-home training with me!
  • In-Home Training Option: If you already have camels you can opt for in-home training & mentoring with me.
  • No camel (or any animal) experience necessary: It's not necessary for you to have any animal experience before undertaking in-person camel training course.
  • Aftercare & support: I believe that every camel owner (or wannabe owner) needs continuous support & learning! After you complete the camel training course, I provide additional support and access to camel training videos, live Q&A calls and additional lessons in training & husbandry (online).


Get hands-on experience with camels where I delve deep into how a camel thinks, training lessons, demonstrations and answer your individual questions for better camel training + connection results!

This Camel Training Course is for camel owners or wannabe owners who value & believe in building strong relationships, connections & bonds with animals.

Hi, I'm Tara,

Camel Behaviourist wellness & Energy Expert 


I've wasted a lot of money & time over my years with camels, trying get the right camel information & education.


Unfortunately, I found an extreme lack of camel information & education available.


Because of this, there were a lot of ‘mistakes' that I deeply regret, not to mention the Camel Confusion my camels experienced.


This (not so great experience) has now lead me to share everything I know about camels with you!


You can save money & time learning about camels by getting the right information & education from the start!


Let me tell you...


Doing it the hard, time-consuming, confusing and expensive path doesn’t have to be an option for you now that you've landed here.


I am here to act as your Camel Guide!



I know how frustrating it can be to get good information about camel training styles and techniques, especially a style that resonates with you.


The free information doesn’t seem to help and can make you feel even more unsure.


I started where you’re at: trying all the things, listening to anyone who remotely had anything to do with camels (since the Camel World is such a small world).


In the end, my camels were confused with the changes in methods & routines that the camel training goals quickly became mammoth tasks.


But it doesn’t have to be this way for you!


I can show you a (PROVEN!) Step By Step approach to camel training & handling that your camels - or future camels - will actually understand and from this...


You’ll be achieving your camel ideas and goals quicker than ever!


Camels LOVE consistency and if you’re not getting the camel training results that you want, then your camel is confused about what you’re doing (or not doing)!


I know you want to be a responsible camel owner (why else would you be here?) and that you have the camel’s best interest at heart.


This Camel Connection Training Course, Level 1, will teach you a gentle and natural way of handling camels alongside creating an everlasting bond with you and your camels  which will set foundations for any future camel training and handling ventures you'd like to achieve. 

Book an introductory call with me to see how I can help you achieve your camel dreams & goals and find out if this training is a good fit for you...