Time for some BIG changes: April 2022 Full Moon Energy Forecast

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Every month I do a video & podcast episode on the energy around the full moon to help you expand & grow in your personal life so that you can achieve your wildest camel dreams and goals (or any dreams and goals for that matter!).


SIDE NOTE: If you don’t feel you’ll get value from this because it’s too ‘woo woo’ or ‘spiritual’ or it doesn’t align with your religion or belief, that’s okay! Just forget you got this email and wait for the next one with more practical camel information if that’s more your style. 


Back to the Full Moon Energy Forecast….

If you’ve been feeling exhausted in any way at all, please know that you’re not the only one!

If you find the normal daily tasks are harder than usual, again, you’re NOT alone and here’s why…

Last week was HUGE (in an energetic way) for me and I thought it was “just me” but when I tapped into the energy coming in this extremely powerful full moon I understood why.


If you allow it, it’s time for some BIG CHANGES especially around relationships (not just romantically!).


We can’t deny that relationships are the center of our lives, we have them at work, home, and in all other areas of our lives and if you’ve been hanging around me for a while now you know that I thrive off building strong bonds & relationships with my camels and I extend this to other living *beings* in my life too

In this full moon energy forecast I talk about how, if we evaluate our relationships INCLUDING the ones with our pets (aka Camels *winks,  then we are in for a treat and some positive changes.


If you’ve been feeling indecisive, “stuck,” unsure, questioning yourself and your life then you’ll get a lot from this!

Prepare to be inspired (and take notes) -I was quite surprised on what came to light especially with the tarot card readings at the end!


Watch below or Listen on The Podcast to this month's full moon energy forecast 



🌕 Full Moon dates & times 🌕


USA: 16th April (11:55 LA time)

AUS: 17th April (4:55 Sydney time)

UK: 16th April (19:55 London time)


🌀Take advantage of this time to create some BIG, positive & inspiring changes in your life!




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