WHEN TO BOND & CONNECT WITH CAMELS (+ full moon energy forecast)

camel channel energy forecast
Bond with camel training

Is any day or time a good time to be with your camels (for either bonding, training or handling)… The short answer is no…. Let me explain…


There are A-MANY environmental factors that won’t set you and your camel up for successful bonding, training and or handling….


Things like terrible weather (this can vary dramatically of course) and how ‘well’ and healthy your camel is feeling… Also, events and circumstances happening around them at the time, for instance, any massive change in routine will disturb your camel’s peace & feeling of security.


This doesn’t mean that your camel(s) will never adjust to random situations & circumstances, but if you have had less than a few years with your camel then you have to continue the bonding & training sessions steadily. 


Also, not kidding when I say, the moon phase has A LOT to do with your camel’s Energy & demeanour too….


I’ve found that camels really like the full moon and are more receptive to connecting deeply to their human friends at this time.



A fun thing to try: On a full moon 🌕 (or during the remainder of February), go outside and (safely) be in your camel's space.


Sit with them (again, safely) and get a sense of how calm they are. It’s is the perfect time to connect & bond deeply with your camel(s) like never before. It’ll give you a boost of energy for the remainder of the month 🙌🏼


If you don’t have camels (yet 😉) then do the above with any animal you might have as a pet or access to (even being outdoors with wildlife)



Animals that live outside 24/7 have a deep connection with Mother Nature, they have SO MUCH to offer & give us as they are in the perfect circadian cycle 


🌕 Full Moon dates & times 🌕


USA: Wednesday 16th February (8:56 LA time)

AUS: Thursday 17th February (3:56 Sydney time)

UK: Wednesday 16th February (16:56 London time)



Take advantage of this time to connect deeply with your loved ones (animals & humans) around you. Feel their love. Receive it. Give it.

You belong & are exactly where you need to be 

Kookaburra birds signify strong bonds & connections.


For the entire Full Moon Energy update watch my YouTube video for in-depth explanations.








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