Achieving Your Own Camel Trek (and How I Did it)

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Inspiration is a wonderful thing, but acting on that inspiration, if you truly feel a desire, is a different thing. Many people come to me with their dream and goal of doing their own camel trek.

From talking & teaching hundreds of camel people & camel lovers I discovered these statistics: Only 10% of people will actually gain momentum on their camel trekking goals & dreams and only 1-2% will achieve their goals.

It bothers me, because 9 times out of 10 it’s people getting in their own way of their true desires. How do I know this…? Because I was one of these people! I believe we have inspiration and desires for a reason and they should be questioned to see where this leads us.

Life is too damn short not to live out our dreams & goals don’t you think!?

In this Camel Channel Podcast episode I offer up some words or wisdom and practical advice on how you can achieve any camel trekking (or just ‘camel’) goals & dreams. Listen in to hear some of my stories on how I became a ‘victim’ to my own camel trekking dreams and how I turned that around… AND… some things you can start doing right now to start taking steps towards your ‘camel desires’ (and learn if your desires are true for you & how to determine this).

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Tara Lea is a camel behaviorist, wellness & energy expert, yoga teacher, camel owner/lover and she is here to act as your camel guide! Tara helps people get a deep understanding of camel behavior, energy & wellness and also creates the space for a deeper understanding of Self in order to support peaceful connections with these amazing animals so you can achieve your wildest camel dreams & goals!


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