Appreciation, Reflection & Fun | June 2022 Full Moon Forecast

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Tara Lea Spiritual Cameleer Full Moon

It’s time to reflect!


***Every month I do a blog on the energy around the full moon to help you expand & grow in your personal life so that you can achieve your wildest camel dreams and goals (or any dreams and goals for that matter!)***


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Back to the Full Moon Energy Forecast….

Admittedly I’m, let's just say “unskilled” in acknowledging my own achievements in life from personal, business & family.


In the past I’ve avoided looking back as I had a deep sense of DO DO DO and if I looked back and acknowledged my achievements then that would automatically make me not want to do better and try harder in life (aka "lazy"). This was very flawed thinking I had and I continue to struggle with this today. I’m aware that I need to create new habits around this, June's full moon energy allows for some expansion, even healing in this way - maybe you can relate?


June 2022 Full Moon is a SUPER full moon in Sagittarius, meaning it’s time for some from Fun, Reflection & Appreciation and…If you are in a romantic partnership it can be a good time to for sexual healing, if not in a relationship, going out with friends is a fun idea as energies are high.


This full moon is also encouraging us to look at any masculine energies and or men in our lives that have caused us harm, pain, injustice or otherwise, it’s time to initiate the healing of that if you haven’t already - if you’re ready to forgive & move on, let this month’s full moon energy support you in that (note: any gender can have masculine energy, be mindful of this as you initiate this healing).


Acknowledging all you’ve accomplished to date (since birth) could be a fun thing to do around the full moon and keep the list in a safe / sacred place as to reflect on (and add more) later on.


If you feel that you still have a trauma response to your life’s occurrences / circumstances and or many attachments on what should / shouldn’t have been done, try a differ exercise rather than a timeline. Try to Acknowledge your inner growth that’s occurred. This is where I’m at. I personally don’t feel comfortable naming places and times of my accomplishments at this stage in my life because of the attachments and meanings that surround these things which can trigger traumatic events and PTSD. Therapy / counselling will help you at this time, so take action now to start that journey. Remember, there’s not one way to do things, if you feel therapy isn’t for you then try Sound Healing, Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Mediation. Start where your intuition tells you too.


Furthermore, Are you one of those people that say you’d like to do yoga some day or have a routine practice, or simply 'do more yoga'? The full moon energy this week you’re being encourage to do yoga every day: 10 mins is a good start if that’s all the time you can afford. It’s about moving your body through the ebbs and flow of the Asanas (poses), movement mediation & being mindful of your reactions & self talk while holding poses (more on that below). Try it and see the effects it has on you!




Parrot spirit is support us this month as we become more aware of how we are speaking to ourselves and therefore others - be more mindful on how you are talking to yourself.

Parrots also mimic sounds that surround them, so ask “whose voices is in my head” this could be a parent, teach, old friend etc, if you pay attention to this you’ll soon realise that much of the self talk isn’t your own soul speaking, it’s just what others have told you. Change your talk, change The Story narrative, this will create lasting habits where your self talk will improve. In the jungle the parrot's calls will sound all throughout the jungle so be mindful on what comes out of your mouth, your keyboard, your pen etc as it will always effect others either indirectly or directly AND yourself!


Break Down of June 2022 Super Full Moon in Sagittarius: 


  • Acknowledge all your life accomplishments to date - reflect & appreciate.
  • Have fun with a partner or friends on the Full Moon or during the week of.
  • Start some sort of self healing journey: therapy, Sound Healing, Massage, Reiki, Yoga, Mediation etc
  • Try practice yoga everyday this week
  • Be mindful on your self talk and what you voice out in the open. 



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