Baby & Young Camels: Training & Feeding Guide

Baby & Young Camels: Training & Feeding Guide

If you have or are considering (or on a waitlist) to get a young camel, under 3 years of age, then keep listening, because you’re going to need this info...








Known Fact:


Young camels need the best nutrition & feeding in their first few years of life, not only to get a great start in life, but to live a long happy life with you!


We get A LOT of questions about The Best formula for bottle raised camels that meets their very unique nutrition requirements away from their mother. We know, we know, a baby camel, in an ideal world, should be with their mothers until they wean, but it’s not always possible.


Ultimately, no one wants to see a baby camel grow up with deformities and other health problems (that will cost an arm & a leg to try to rectify).


Truth be it, if a baby camel is feeding off it’s mother the mother needs the best nutrition too (there are procedures around this).


This month, we will guide you, via our monthly Camel Vet Talk, through this tricky process of the first few years of camel’s life and how you can give a baby camel the best start possible!



But, what about weaner camels we hear you say…?


We'll also discuss what a young camel, under 3 years of age, needs to grow to their fullest potential, whether that be a healthy pet camel, a riding camel, expedition camel or whatever your wildest camel dreams can come up with.


All camel’s deserve the best health we can give them, Period.


How much training does a baby camel need…?


There's one, single most important thing that any baby camel (i.e. camel under 1 year old) needs to learn first, before any official training begins, we'll be teaching exactly this in our Baby Camels and How Much Training They Should Have lesson.


We'll take you through the age & behavioural stages of a camel's first 3 years of life and what this means for any training you try to attempt (and how it can rapidly change).


We’ll break down what you can do, month by month, in the camel's first year, and yearly training goals for 1-3 year old camels, so that you can have a safe, well adapted and secure camel. 


Whether you already have young camels, considering baby camels or raising camels in the future, don't miss these lessons in the Cameleer Academy this month.


To become a member of the Cameleer Academy JOIN HERE and we’ll see you in The Academy!





Happy Camel Connecting!





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