Camel Keeping Mistakes

Camel Keeping Mistakes

One of the most common issues we hear about & see is the very lack of camel information that camel owners (or wanna-be owners) can get their hands on.


It’s really scary! The Conflicting advice from social media (after sifting through 50 different comments and opinions and advice - hashtag: now officially confused), or the hours spent Googling camel info only really to end up screenshotting A-many cute camel pictures for god knows what…


Can you relate? I’ve totally been there and back again (and maybe again - didn’t learn the first time).


So this episode is a little treat for ya, so stay tuned to learn about the Camel Keeping Mistakes that even seasoned camel owners make!








Question: Who wants to Spend Thousands of mullahs on unnecessary feed for camels, vet fees & supplements…? Any show of hands…?


I’ll be the first to admit that sometimes having camels feels more like a drain pipe where all our money goes, camels can be a big (pun intended) expense sometimes. 


Let's face it, the conflicting camel information “out there” can make things even MORE expensive.


One of our biggest struggles with our camel keeping & husbandry was the “trial & error” situation we had going on.


When we first moved our camels from their natural desert environment into a domestic, coastal environment We were SO SCARED about how the camels would cope in a “non-desert” environment (where we had them prior), and to be completely honest, there was no expert, PDF download, guidance or mentoring from reputable sources that could tell us what we needed to be doing, so…


Unfortunately, for our camels, it was all trial and error situation :-( 


Luckily though the camels were in great condition coming from a desert environment, so we had some time up our sleeves to become more educated on keeping camels in a domestic environment.


Let me just say:


We failed. A.L.O.T. 


We felt so pissed off at ourselves that we didn't know better info about keeping camels in domestic environments.


A-MANY SLEEPLESS NIGHTS thinking about ‘what we’ve done to our camels' (which in reality wasn’t anything dramatic just yet, it was just the pressing thought that we were F*@cking up, big time!)


Then, a couple of years into having the camels in a domestic environment (add: we were on leased land at the time, more on that later), we were ‘putting camels down’ left right and centre, that's right, we had many camel deaths (well, so it felt) our hearts were broken, we wanted to give up! 


Cut a long and horrible story short...Russ & I were both so frustrated and we felt that there just HAD to be a better way. 


We felt the camel industry (as tiny as it is) seemed to be seriously outdated on their knowledge on keeping camels and most of the advice was “backyard advice” in other words: was made up advice that was only relevant to that camel person environment where they have their camels - read: completely irrelevant to us


Some of the camel keeping info was so old school that it was hard to comprehend, like those ol’ textbooks, I think I made sense of every 2nd word or so, I ain’t no veterinary scientist


Good mentoring was basically non-existent (aka was outdated) either that or they were in a protected hide-out bunker underground. 


Our solution to the lack of camel-keeping info?


We began doing the research (also known as ‘extensive googling’) to figure out how to manage the camels in a domestic / non-desert environment.


Luckily, as Avid Learners Of New Things -- we had access to a community of camel people (aka our students), that we could get info on their domestic camel situations & challenges.


So with a bit of smart, research (checking it twice) and unofficial/unqualified ‘case studies’, we were getting the camel husbandry info we needed, not only for ourselves but for our entire camel community- who were also in dire need of more reliable camel husbandry info too!


After making the decision to go the Camel Husbandry DIY route -- taking care of camels in domestic environments - outside of the deserts, we created protocols, feeding guides & maintenance routines and it felt like we were finally on the road to BETTER camel wellbeing.


CAMELS ARE COMPLICATED (yet simple) when you can understand how their biology works. Bloody incredible really.


We knew we couldn’t sit on this camel info we learned & keep it all to ourselves, so we wrote an eBook and sold it online - people were LOVING it and called it their “bible.” 


Would like to add, that our entire camel caring routines completely changed for the better when we invited an Australian Camel Vet, Margie Bale who you might have heard on the podcast here, to join forces with us and help with sharing the good, reliable camel info - Finally we felt we were Winning!


And here we are, with a whole pile of experience (bad, good, and great), collected information, a camel vet onboard, and a webinar presentation that will blow your camel lovin’ mind and leave you feeling more Camel Confident than ever before!


That’s right, we are holding a free webinar, namely CAMELS 101, where you’ll learn how to keep, care for & manage camels.


We’ve got SO much to share with you on this webinar and we’re excited to give you the camel information you need to create your camel’s health & wellbeing routines & plans - that will actually last (and you can avoid the horrible mistakes that we made).


HIGHLY encourage you to sign up to be with us on this Camels 101 webinar whether you’re a camel owner, wannabe owner or you’re just wanting to know if you can, in fact, keep camels. 


We’ll be sharing Things like: 


What to feed a camel (aka a desert animal) 

How to keep camels healthy

What kinda setup you need for camels 

How to solve camel health or emergency issues.


Just think about it. Once you’ve mastered this Camel husbandry stuff and have the knowledge to set up a plan to keep your camel in excellent health (specific to your location, cos location matters), without having to spend thousands on specialist vet fees & husbandry mistakes, how is this going to change your camel dreams, goals or ideas? What would be possible for you…?


Register for the Camels 101 Free Webinar now over at  CAMELCONNECTION.COM/CAMELS101




We’ll teach you the 3 Camel Keeping Mistakes That Even Seasoned Camel Owners Make!


By the end of this webinar, you’ll leave feeling more Camel Confident (and learn something new!)




Happy Camel Connecting!





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