Camel Vet & Care Questions Answered

Camel Vet & Care Questions Answered

Last week we got to be on a video conference call with Dr Margie, Camel Vet and she so willingly answered all the Camel Vet Questions that members of our Cameleer Academy had.


 So we thought we'd see if you had the same or similar Camel Vet questions.


The Camel Vet Q&A questions that were ANSWERED...


  • What works for fly/insect control for camels
  • What other animals are safe from a health perspective to co-graze with camels?
  • How do I deal with mange in camels?
  • Where can I get training on doing my own fecal tests?
  • Why camels need a specific parasite/worm test (and what test is it?)
  • Should I be picking up poo to reduce worm burden? What if it’s a big pasture?
  • The Winscosin fecal Test, should I be doing this same test on all my animal species too? 
  • Where can I send my camel fecal tests to get PROPERLY tested?
  • Do “Pour On” dewormers work for camels at all or am I creating future issues?
  • Do I have to worry about wildlife [like Kangaroos] & worms transmission to my camels..?
  • Where can I find a Camel Nutrition Specialist?
  • How far from the poo do the parasite larve move and how quickly does the process happen for re-infection?
  • Why are worms are such a BIG problem with camels?
  • What are the risks with over-dosing on a dewormer
  • how soon after worming can I reworm
  • How do I weigh my camel without scales?


Would you like to hear the answer to any of these questions...?


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